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Business Futures Transformation Workshop

Business Futures Transformation Workshop is designed specifically for businesses, business leaders, and managers. In this workshop, key members of your business will practice new futures, planning, and design techniques to find their desirable futures and establish new business models to achieve those scenarios. The participants will receive certificates co-signed by the Design Futures Initiative in San Francisco.

In 2007 Nokia had a %49.4 share of the smartphone market worldwide. Less than 10 years later, they were not even considered a player in that market. The business history is filled with stories of such catastrophic incidents. These are only the more famous collapses everyone is familiar with: Blockbuster, Pan Am, Kodak, Xerox, Yahoo!, Myspace, Polaroid, AOL, etc. These companies all experienced their heyday just before they failed to acknowledge and understand shifting business tides. How could they gain knowledge of the shifts in their industries and how could they transform their business to ensure sustainability and endurance?

    Workshop Overview

    In this workshop, the participants will learn basic futures technics of horizon scanning, scenario development, and backcasting. They will as well learn and practice how to design a business canvas.

    Workshop Audience

    This workshop suits small and mid-size businesses the best. (For large-scale entities, alternative workshop briefs would be prepared upon request.) The main audience sector of this workshop are businesses that are at their peak of profitability and success since we believe this is the best time to learn and plan for uncertain futures.


    The main purpose of this workshop is training. Meanwhile, at the end of the workshop, a scenario portfolio and corresponding business models and canvases will be achieved.


    • Facilitators will sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) beforehand.
    • Facilitators will specifically study the industry where your business is active and may also invite external experts of the field.
    • A certificate will be awarded to the participants, co-signed by the director of DFI.
    • The sessions are exclusive and will only host your colleagues.
    • The workshop toolbox will be shared with participants for further use.

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