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“FutureCity Laboratory” is a platform for creating ideas and developing entrepreneurship.

Creating a space between design specialties, applied knowledge, and emerging technologies to intelligently design issues related to the future of resources, the future of the city and urbanization, and the future of business, and to offer creative solutions.

We bring together hybrid, decentralized networks of entrepreneurs, investors, and science and profession professionals to help each other empirically, from creating innovative ideas to discovering unique solutions, to creating and developing value-creating businesses.


Future City was co-founded by Hamidreza Mousavi and Mahan Mehrvarz; when in 2016, they decided to establish an innovation laboratory. Hamidreza, whose expertise is problem seeking and solving was looking for a transformation from a consulting management firm to a development management organization. Likewise, Mahan, with his research backgrounds on innovation and design, was looking for incorporating systematic innovation processes and problem oriented design among design problems. Our innovation lab is developed around design thinking and system architecture. Collaborating with various innovative teams and official and unofficial startups, we do a variety of innovative actions such as problem seeking, problem solving, planning, facilitating, accelerating etc.

First Year

On the first year of our activity, we developed our initial platform model. In this model, Iran innovation ecosystem is pictured as a network. Our innovation laboratory as a node of this network beside its own activities, tries to facilitate and support the development of the whole network. The structure of the laboratory consists of a think-tank (including Hamidreza and Mahan) and an executive team consists of professionals in fields like design, strategy and innovation.

Second Year

Earlier in the second year of laboratory development, Mahan, along with Hamidreza, who was also a member of the board of  Nesha consulting engineers, proposed to unite the future development path of Nesha and foundation path of the innovation lab to Shadi Azizi and Ali Naghavi Namini ( the other two members of the board) considering the mutuality of their visions. So that “The Future City Innovation Laboratory” abbreviated to “Future City”, be officially established and branded.

Third Year

In the third year, the development path of the future city continued with an emphasis on the platform model and being a startup-studio. When our experience and passion helped generate entrepreneurial ideas and development, we focus on the future of resources, the future of business, and the future of urbanization, and rely more than ever on a network of professionals, entrepreneurs, consultants, educators, and investors; So that we can be with entrepreneurs from the birth of the idea to turning it into a contemporary and sustainable business.

Together with an agile, courageous and professional team, and using design knowledge, business and emerging technologies, we strive to be a resource for generating forward-looking issues, processes and ideas, and empowering start-up entrepreneurs to provide opportunities for growth and investment in innovative areas.

Visual Identity

The Moire effect is a type of visual error caused by the overlap of two small-structure networks, occurring in both the physical and digital worlds. Since experimentation and the nature of “error” is perceived valuable and constructive in the corporate culture of Future City, this visual effect is considered an important element in the visual identity of the Future City Innovation Labratory. The Moire design is used both in the original logo and in various organizational visual patterns.

The logo of Future City, which is a key part of its visual identity. Geometrically, it is an elliptical surface (like a fingerprint) that is folded to be perceived as an abstract human face. The main reason for using the human face as a logo is to emphasize the fact that the essence, activities and values of the innovation lab is human-centered. It points out in a way, that the human mind is the place of imagination, innovation and creation.

Our Lab

No. 45, Azadi Blvd., VafamaneshSt.,  Heravi Sq., Tehran, Iran 1669716361

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