Sharing Joy from Zabol to Future City

When was the last time you received a memorable thank you gift?

When we reached some of our short-term goals in Futurecity, we wanted to share the joy of our good kickstart with our coworkers in NESHA and thank them for their company. We were looking for a small spiritual gift that fits in with our budget and at the same time be fun, innovative and memorable. We also wanted to have a more responsible approach and avoid wasting resources.

You might be familiar with the concept of “Gift of Giving”. This type of gift is basically an attempt to make your thank you (or gift) benefit a third party (for their need or any other reason). In this way, you usually donate money to a charity and eventually let the person know that our gift to them was a charity donation under their name. But we wanted the whole project to be more creative as well as surprising to our coworkers. Plus, a donation was not something that would satisfy us.
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In Future City, in our network of relationships, we work with the Saba Institute (a group of school builders in Zabul), because of the research we did in that area, we are aware of the living conditions and needs of children in Sistan and Baluchistan province. Eventually, we decided to send all of our dedicated budget to the director of one of the schools that the group built and is being operated today (a school founded by the Saba Institute in Zabul) to be spent on the needs of the children at school. Instead, we asked the children to draw a picture for each of our colleagues in NESHA and the Future City. This way we were able to both make our colleagues happy with a spiritual gift and spend the money on a good cause.