Interaction Design 

Moving towards better HCI/HMI, we design experiences and interfaces through which users interact with on- and off-screen systems. We utilize techniques such as journey and affinity mapping to ease and enhance user experience while using a product or service in both digital and physical situations. 

We help you create human interfaces.

User Experience Design 

We help online and offline services to design and plan for a user experience that fits best to their strategies. Our versatile schemes support the products as well as user behavior through usability and desirability. 

User Interface Design 

We help designers and service providers to realize physical or virtual spaces where their audience could efficiently and comfortably interact with their services. This includes the design of websites, web applications, mobile apps, etc. 

Physical Computing  

Through physical computing, we help to materialize interaction projects into the physical space. This facilitates a mixed-reality space and opens new possibilities for environmental design practitioners; architects, urban designers, interior designers, etc. 

Future City Services

Urban Space Innovation
Work Space Innovation

Design Sprint
Service Blue Print

Brand Strategy
Campaign Desing
Personal Branding

Market Study
Scenario Planning
Business Improvement

We would like to offer our services to your exact needs. If you are not sure how we can help you achieve your institutional and/or individual goals, please contact with us. We offer innovation consultancy to help you figure out how we might collaborate.

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