“Crypto-Park” Project Review


The first event in the 515 series (events on a variety of topics that takes place on Thursdays 15:00 at the Future City Innovation Lab) is a review session for the project Cryptopark. The Cryptopark tower is a cryptocurrency mining unit that hides in a high-rise water park. In addition to being able to bypass sanctions in the post-nuclear deal (JCPOA) era, this waterpark helps with cooling the equipment.

“The Cryptocurrency project is looking for a way out of the country’s economic crisis in a meticulous way to emphasize the deteriorating nature of the current situation.” Claimed the designers. “In this project, architecture acts as a means to emphasize and convey a socio-economic message. The project strives to go beyond the traditional architectural discipline frameworks to achieve its goal.”

Economic Isolation Diagram

The project was originally designed to take part in the conceptual competition of high-rise buildings, eVolo, and has subsequently attracted much attention in the architectural and cryptocurrency communities. Reports and media coverage of the project can be found on ArcDailyDesignboom, and Bitcoinist.

2 Section Perspective

Mahan Mehrvarz, along with Pouyan Bizeh opened the event with a welcome and a description of 515 events;

Subsequently, Ramtin Taherian on behalf of the Designers introduced the project;

After a brief break with refreshments, a discussion panel was set up and the reviewers discussed the project;

• Project Designers

Ramtin Taherian, Ilia Attarpour, Dadbeh Mohebbi Gilani,

• Panelists

Arash Akbari, Amirbahador Ashrafzadeh (CODON Interactive Media), Amirhossein Taheri (Metamorphosis Method Architects), Mohammad Hossein Azimi (Rosemary Design Studio), Mahan Mehrvarz (Future City Innovation Lab), Hossein Madani (National Geographic Magazine)

• Panel Facilitator

Ali Sheikholeslami 

Date held

Thursday, December 21

Event Location

Future City Innovation Lab

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