Business Design

We use human-centered approaches to business design to create business values. Applying the principles and practices of design, we help organizations to create new value and new forms of competitive advantage. We also help existing businesses transform into their preferable futures using scenario planning techniques. Our business design service line integrates customer-empathy, experience design, and business strategy.

We help you apply innovation to your business.

Business Strategy

We help businesses determine their long-term goals and adopt courses of action for carrying out their goals and define their strategies to face their competition in the market.

Business Model Innovation

We help businesses to construct and modify their business models by thinking of the values they can create for the customers. This usually involves workshops where businesses create their business canvas through innovative processes. 

Market Study

We help businesses to understand their market and customer segments. We gather information about the market and competitors and use innovative tools to analyze them. We also identify and analyze the needs of the market though principles of design thinking.

Futures Thinking

We deploy futures and foresight methods to business design and enable businesses to detect change, interpret its consequences, and train the key members to ensure the long-term survival and success of the business.

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Web Design
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Data Visualization

We would like to offer our services to your exact needs. If you are not sure how we can help you achieve your institutional and/or individual goals, please contact with us. We offer innovation consultancy to help you figure out how we might collaborate.

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